Moving company refuses to hand over husband's ashes

Posted Aug 2, 2012 by Tiffany Romine
Not paying costs to service companies for services rendered of any sort, could mean losing something that means the most to you.
By Naturewealth
As reported by Fox News, Toni Searcy says a moving company refuses to return her husband’s ashes unless she comes up with the $3, 365 she owes them for a recent move from Oregon to Houston, Texas.
The moving company, Northern Van Lines told that the weight of her belongings brought the price to $2,300. Searcy states that the moving company told her that the trip would cost $1,872, but the final price would be determined by how much her belongings weighed.
Searcy reportedly disputed the $1,000 deposit she paid on her credit card to the moving company. Therefore, the moving company has not made any money from the services provided. Northern Van Lines stated that Searcy may have all her belongings back when the bill is paid in full.