Golden Dawn distributes food to needy Greeks

Posted Aug 1, 2012 by Katerina Nikolas
Members of Greece's Golden Dawn party distributed food to needy Greeks suffering under austerity measures, on Wednesday. The food was purchased by money received by Golden MPs as parliamentary compensation.
Whole Milk Bottles. - Photo courtesy Balance Rock Farm
Whole Milk Bottles. - Photo courtesy Balance Rock Farm
Ekathimerini reported Golden Dawn spokesman Ilias Kasidiaris said the food provided came exclusively from Greek firms and Greek producers. The food, purchased with Golden Dawn funds, was divided into food packages made up from five tons of pasta, five tons of potatoes, two tons of milk, and two tons of oil.
The food packages were distributed in Syntagma Square, Athens, despite local authorities imposing a ban on the square being used for the purpose. A party member pointed out “Athens mayor Giorgos Kaminis does not mind when illegal immigrants and anarchists use the square.”
Golden Dawn stipulated that the food was intended for needy Greeks, prioritising citizens who were unemployed, poor, or had many children. Recipients of food packages registered for the aid, using their identity cards.
According to the IB Times one woman who queued for food said although she had not supported for the party, the initiative made "Golden Dawn much more attractive".