Survey says: Swearing at work may lose you promotion

Posted Jul 31, 2012 by Marcus Hondro
A new survey released this week has found out many things about swearing but the one most of you might want to be heedful of concerns foul language at work. The survey, from Harris Interactive, found that swearing at work endangers promotions.
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The 64 percent of bosses surveyed who'd said they think less of an underling who swears is one thing but overall 57 percent of bosses said they might give pause to promoting employees who swear at work. Harris Interactive conducted the U.S. nationwide poll from May 14 of this year through June 4 and queried some 2,000 managers who hire and talked to 3,800 workers in the country.
Eighty-one percent of the bosses said they feel swearing is unprofessional, 71 percent feel that it suggests a lack of control. Sixty-eight percent noted it shows a lack of maturity and 54 percent felt it called into question the person's intelligence. Each of those beliefs speak to reasons managers may be less inclined to promote a worker who swears.
Swearing at work by city and age
Other discoveries the survey made include U.S. cities where the most workers reported that they do swear on the job. Washington, D.C. has the most swearers, with 62 percent admitting they swear at work while Denver (60 percent), Chicago (58 percent), L.A. (56 percent) and Boston (56 percent) round out the top 5 swearing-at-work cities. Perhaps surprisingly New York City is down the list in 9th, with 46 percent swearers and Philadelphia is one behind in 10th with 44 percent.
Swearing by age stats found younger workers not as likely to swear. Swearing-at-work by age went like this: employees 18-24 had 42 percent say they swear at work; 25-34 – 51 percent; 35-44 – 58 percent; 45-54 – 51 percent and 55 and over – 44 percent swear at work.