Actress Mila Kunis receives 5K phone case from Ashton Kutcher

Posted Jul 29, 2012 by Owen Weldon
Actor Ashton Kutcher bought actress Mila Kunis a phone case that cost five-thousand dollars. The case is engraved with both of their initials.
Ashton Kutcher
Ashton Kutcher
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Kutcher reportedly designed the case himself, which has pink crystals and a heart encircling his and Kunis' initials in diamonds that are real.
According to Arizona Central, Kunis absolutely loved the phone case.
According to Herald Sun, the two stars may be dating each other as they were both spotted kissing one another recently. However the romance has not been confirmed yet.
According to STUFF, Kutcher and Kunis the kiss took place on Thursday at a Hollywood party for Kutcher's upcoming film projects.
An onlooker says that the stars barely left each other's side at the party and that they showed up together and left together. Other partygoers say that they looked like they were in good spirits and that it looked like it was young love.