Op-Ed: Tony Blair to run the gauntlet in London

Posted Jul 23, 2012 by Alexander Baron
This afternoon, Tuesday, July 24, Tony Blair is back in town, but not everybody is pleased to see him, and if Stop-The-War have anything to do with things, he won't be pleased to see them. [Report filed 1am, London time].
Former Prime Minister Tony Blair was heckled  as he gave testimony on Britain s involvement in the I...
Former Prime Minister Tony Blair was heckled as he gave testimony on Britain's involvement in the Iraq war.
Giuseppe Nicoloro/flickr
Tony Blair may be a hero to some, but for others he is one of the most notorious war criminals still at large. After retiring from domestic politics, he might have sat back and raked in the bucks with a book and the usual after dinner speaking and lecturing that is the lot of former presidents and the odd prime minister. He is certainly giving the circuit a try, but he is going to find it a lot more difficult than many of his contemporaries, Bill Clinton for example.
Recently, an attempt was made to arrest him in Hong Kong. The Leveson Inquiry has also been disrupted on his account, and later today, he is due to face a frosty reception in London.
Will Blair face a citizen's arrest and be carted off for trial? The latter is extremely unlikely, at least in this country - he has already been tried and convicted in Malaysia. The former is a racing certainty, because a website has been set up to provide a bounty of £2500 for every such attempt.