Video: Bulgaria suicide-bomber caught on CCTV at Burgas airport

Posted Jul 19, 2012 by Anne Sewell
The suicide bomber who blew up a tourist bus carrying Israeli tourists in Bulgaria has been caught on the CCTV camera in the Burgas airport.
Suspected suicide bomber caught on CCTV at Burgas airport in Bulgaria.
Suspected suicide bomber caught on CCTV at Burgas airport in Bulgaria.
Video screen capture
Bulgarian police released a video taken with CCTV cameras at Burgas airport showing the suicide bomber. They hope that by doing so, more information can be gathered on what happened.
The number of dead from the suicide bombing of a tourist bus filled with Israeli tourists in Burgas, Bulgaria is now at least six. Officials say that five Israelis and the bus driver were killed in the blast and around 30 people were injured in the explosion and the Israeli Air Force is airlifting them back to Israel.
According to investigators, the terror attack was most likely carried out by a suicide bomber, who was carrying fake U.S. documents. Witnesses report the explosion happened soon after someone boarded the double-decker filled with Israeli tourists.
The video above shows the suspect at the airport, wearing Bermuda shorts and carrying a large backpack, prior to the bombing.
The country’s interior minister said today that security footage showed the suspect near the bus for almost an hour before the blast.
According to Bulgarian Prime Minister, Boiko Borisov, the bomber held a fake Michigan driving license. He said, “We worked on this with colleagues from the FBI and CIA. They said that there is no such person in their database,” but he did not release a name.
Around 100 Israelis who were not injured, but wish to cut their holiday short, will be flown home in a Bulgarian government plane.
While the Israel government has accused Iran of being behind the attack and states that "Israel will react powerfully against Iranian terror", Iran's state TV has rejected the accusations as "ridiculous" and "sensational."