Video: Truck explodes as cars drive by on Russian highway

Posted Jul 18, 2012 by Brett Wilkins
Amateur video of a burning van exploding in a massive fireball as cars drive by on a Russian highway has been posted on YouTube.
The incident, which appears to be straight out of a Hollywood action film, took place on the Kashira Highway in the south of Moscow last week. Incredibly, no one was injured in the fire and blast.
According to the Daily Mail, the van caught fire and its driver ran for his life after an unsuccessful attempt to extinguish the flames. Passing motorists seem oblivious to the dangerous situation. Indeed, cars keep driving by right up to the moment when the van explodes in a massive fireball.
The amateur videographers, who despite being visibly rocked by the explosive close encounter, are heard giggling giddy with disbelief following the blast.
Firefighters arriving on the scene reportedly took 15 minutes to put out the flames.