Video report: Occupy Bohemian Grove

Posted Jul 17, 2012 by Anne Sewell
Abby Martin interviews members of Occupy Bohemian Grove, where the most elite men meet in secrecy every year, to try and find out what is actually going on.
Occupy Bohemian Grove
Occupy Bohemian Grove
Occupy Bohemian Grove
Digital Journal reported on July 15 that Occupy Bohemian Grove were in place to protest the secret meeting, and weird ceremonies, held by the elite each year in a secluded camp out in the redwoods of Monte Rio, CA.
While some think that the Bohemian Grove meeting each year is just a getaway and a bit of relaxation for the elite, protesters know different. Policy is discussed here, and major decisions are made.
Weird ceremonies are performed, such as the "Cremation of Care" ceremony, which seems to be an almost satanic event.
Joining with other protesters who have campaigned at the site for years, Occupy Bohemian Grove members held a "Creation of Care" ceremony, which is the complete opposite of that enjoyed by the elite.
Mary Moore, a co-founder of the Bohemian Grove Action Network (BGAN), said, “Our purpose over the past 33 years has been to research and expose these men at the Grove who represent the elite of the corporate, financial, government and military circles."
“Besides our research we have focused on the daily Lakeside Talks which are often public policy talks given without any public scrutiny. Over the years those have included speeches from Edward Teller on nuclear energy, Caspar Weinberger on "rearming America", John Lehman, Sect of the Navy on "Smart Weapons", A.W. Clausen, president of the World Bank, Antinin Scalia of the U.S. Supreme Court and ex presidents such as Richard Nixon and George HW Bush. An early meeting of the group that led to the creation of the Manhattan Project and the Atomic Bomb was held in their club house in 1942.”
In the video, activists, protesters and grove attendees explain the dangers of power players colluding behind closed doors and how it affects the rest of humanity.