Switzerland officials puzzled over appearance of crop circles

Posted Jul 16, 2012 by Leigh Goessl
Authorities in eastern Switzerland are puzzled about a set of crop circles that appeared in a field on the eastern side of the country.
According to The Local, three circles forming a Venn diagram appeared in a wheat field near Schaffhausen at some point during the night late last week.
“We do not know how the crop circle was made, nor who made it,” a spokesman for the Schaffhausen cantonal police told online news site (in German) 20 Minuten.
Crop circles are often considered to be an elusive phenomenon and some note the appearance of shapes and designs date back to the 1500s. Their appearances usually come at night and the crop circles are discovered in daylight hours.
Several theories over the centuries as to how they are made have emerged. These speculations include UFOs/aliens, wind, aircraft or hoaxes created by humans to perpetuate the myths.
Reportedly, this is the second occurrence of crop circles within the past week.
Police are asking for people with any information relating to the circles to come forward and share what they know.
A translation of 20 Minuten notes the damage to the wheat field amounted to several hundred francs.