Video: Watch Georgia dads brawl at Little League baseball game

Posted Jul 10, 2012 by JohnThomas Didymus
Two dads brawled at a Little League baseball game on Saturday. The fight between Iram King, 36, and Charles Davidson, 38, broke out at the Britt David Park in Columbus, Georgia, after the Northern Little League defeated Harris County.
Iram and Charles fighting
Iram and Charles fighting
The Daily Mail reports the fight sparked just as Rick Chadwick, president of the Pioneer Little League and host of the District 8 All-Star Tournament was preparing to award medals to players.
According to the Ledger-Enquirer, a police report said Davidson was playing loud music near the right field fence after Northern won the game. A woman identified as Rose King and a man, Iram King, walked up to him and demanded that he turn down the music. Chadwick explained that some teams bring their music to play between innings, before the game or after the game. According to Chadwick: "It gives it a little better atmosphere. From my understanding that is what caused it all."
The police report says Davidson turned down the music, but later, when he saw Iram King walking toward him, he asked, "What do you want."
According to a witness, Iram King told Davidson,"I'm here to f... you up."
Davidson replied, "Well, here I am."
The video records the confusion that followed with onlookers trying to break up the fight. Children and adults soon gather to witness the spectacle of two grown dads pummelling each other.
A woman can be heard shouting:" No, no, stop it guys, what are you doing?"
Other men can be seen trying to stop the fight. A child cries, "Someone needs to call the police."
Another person shouts: "Hey, be grown ups guys, come on."
Tempers flare throughout the crowd as parents who try to intervene appear to join in the brawl.
Police finally arrive and arrest a man and a woman.
Chadwick said after the incident :"It's very embarrassing not only to each of those leagues but the whole city of Columbus. You got kids trying to show their parents how to respect each other."
Little League District 8 Administrator Bernard Ashley, said the fight was "about the most disgusting thing I have ever seen in Little League in all the years I've been doing it.They ought to be barred from all the Little League youth sports."
According to the Ledger-Enquirer, Charles Davidson, 38, of Midland and Iram King, 36, of Cataula were ordered to appear in Columbus Recorder's Court for a 2 p.m. Aug. 16 hearing.