HP develops see-through computer screen

Posted Jul 6, 2012 by Tim Sandle
Hewlett Packard has developed see-through screen technology, for which a US patent has been granted. This could lead to new applications for display screens, from vehicle dashboards to retail outlets.
ThruScreen image  issued by HP to media outlets
ThruScreen image, issued by HP to media outlets
The technology firm Hewlett Packard (HP) developed a special type of computer screen called the Slat system, according to Ubergizmo. This is a transparent display which allows both computer images and the image behind the device to be seen. The company will likely call the technology the ThruScreen.
The term 'slat system' has been used, the Register notes, because the screen consists of a series of using light-reflective slats to display the image, which also allow light behind the image to shine through.
The screen will allow the user to manipulate and interact with real and virtual objects either on or behind the transparent adjustable screen.
HP filed a patent for the technology in 2006, although it has taken to July 2012 for the patent to be awarded.
Channel News describes how the screens work. The slat system allows both text and images to be displayed. The technology could be used in cars to display navigation data on dashboards or to show advertisements on shop windows. For shop windows the advantage is that the information displayed could be quickly updated.
A further development could be to create screens that are flexible and which can be folded away after use.