Nash spurns Raptors and Knicks to join the Los Angeles Lakers

Posted Jul 4, 2012 by David Stern is reporting that two time MVP Steve Nash is headed to the Los Angeles Lakers through a sign trade deal with the Phoenix Suns.
Nash will join Kobe and the Lakers with a chance to win his first NBA title
Nash will join Kobe and the Lakers with a chance to win his first NBA title
Keith Allison
The deal is believed to be worth $25 million over 3 years and in return the Suns will recieve 2013 and 2015 first-round picks and 2013 and 2014 second-round picks from the Lakers, according to the Arizona Republic.
Nash won't officially become a Laker until July 11, as the deal will only go through when a leaguewide moratorium on new business is lifted.
The signing comes as a major surprise after reports swirled earlier in the day that the New York Knicks were in discussion with the Suns in a sign and trade for Nash. even labelled the Knicks as frontrunners to land Nash, as it was reported earlier in the day that the deal was in its final stages of being completed.
Knick fans are certainly not the only fans devastated by this surprise move, since the Raptors were believed to be the favorites to land Nash all along. Raptors General Manager Bryan Colangelo went all-in trying to acquire Nash, offering him the greatest money and even signing one of the Knicks potential pieces that would be used in a sign and trade with the Suns. Colangelo was on the Suns when he lured Nash to the Suns from the Mavericks.
Raptors fans finally beleived that they were going to land a star talent that could alter the state of the franchise; however, the team was left with nothing.
The Lakers couldn't be happier to land Nash, especially after Nash told a radio station last week that it would be hard to play for the Lakers after all the playoff battles he endured against them over the last eight seasons.
Now the Lakers look like a top-three team in the NBA with a projected starting lineup of Nash, Kobe Bryant, Metta World Peace, Pau Gasol, and Andrew Bynum. They have been in search of a star point guard for quite some time, and, with the addition of Nash, Kobe and the Lakers have extended their window for another championship by two or three years.
The Raptors and Knicks will now turn their attention to other available point guards such as Kyle Lowry, Jeremy Lin and Goran Dragic. For the Raptors, losing Nash is absolutely heartbreaking and could signify an ultimate low for the franchise. The team has never been able to hold on to star players due to the small market in Toronto, and now they have failed at signing a local hero.
Colangelo must regroup now and make sure not to make a desperate move out of this disappointment. Not all is lost for the Raptors; however, this rejection will sting for a while.