WWE: Update on the troubles concerning WWE Network this year

Posted Jul 1, 2012 by Chris Humphrey
Following the announcement of the new venture late last year, the WWE has traveled a very long and rocky road in attempts to get the WWE Network from being an idea to being on television every day of the week.
With its original debut planned for the same day as WrestleMania 28 this past April, the channel has been pushed back at least until this November to make its long-awaited debut likely coincide with the Survivor series' pay-per-view.
Here are the details from Wrestling Observer Newsletter (via on the continued trouble the company has been experiencing with getting the WWE Network into the homes of the fans this year.
Word is that DirecTV has no interest in carrying the WWE Network, which would knock about 30% of its potential revenue off. There's been talk that very few cable carriers are committing to paying a per subscriber rate for WWE's Network, which is what the company was counting on for profitability. The alternative is to be like HBO or Showtime and charge a subscription fee directly to consumers.
There's still no official word on when the Network will launch but they cut a new commercial for it this past week that should begin airing soon.
While not being able to comment on why DirecTV chose not to pick up the WWE Network, the WWE could unquestionably improve their chances of their network being picked up by actually giving more details on what will make up the programming.
At this moment, the WWE has only mentioned three shows to be on the network including WWE Countdown ranking multitudes of topics, the “WWE Legend’s House” reality show and WrestleMania Rewind.
With that short list of shows planned for the network, the WWE needs make a point to announce what other programming will be on the channel, whether it be classic footage from WCW and ECW among others or brand new original content.
After DirecTV declined to pick up the WWE Network to join their extensive list of channels, what do you think the WWE should do to get more cable and satellite providers to pick up the WWE Network in the coming months?