Ontario Libertarians to march in annual Toronto Pride Parade

Posted Jun 28, 2012 by Andrew Moran
The New Democrats, Liberals and Greens will not be the only political parties marching in Sunday's Toronto Pride Parade. The Ontario Libertarian Party announced Thursday that it will be marching along Yonge Street as well.
Canadian and Pride flags.
Canadian and Pride flags.
When the Toronto Police raided the bath houses in 1981 as part of Operation Soap, the Ontario Libertarian Party was the only political party in the province to oppose the actions of the officers and those involved.
Since it became a political party in 1975, the party has been composed of members of the LGBTQ community and the libertarians see everyone as equal and everyone has access to the same rights, regardless of your gender, race or sexual orientation.
For the first time since the Pride Parade’s inception, Allen Small and his provincial libertarians will march with the hundreds of other groups, businesses and community organizations Sunday to reach out to more individuals that adhere to the political party’s values.
“Our involvement in the Pride parade should be viewed as an attempt to reach out to a demographic that ought to be supportive of our values, given our history,” Small told his executive members, according to a news release.
For close to four decades, the Ontario Libertarians have advocated for property rights, limited government and voluntarism between people and groups.
Other political groups marching in the parade, which coincides with Canada Day, are the Community Party of Canada-Ontario, Socialist Party of Ontario, Green Party, New Democratic Party and the Ontario Liberal Party. (For a full list of participants, click here.)
The annual Pride Parade is partnered with the federal, provincial and municipal governments.
Sunday’s parade begins at approximately 2 p.m. starting from Church and Bloor Streets ending at Gerrard and College Streets.