New Greek finance minister needed as Rapanos bows out

Posted Jun 26, 2012 by Katerina Nikolas
The Greek government is seeking a new finance minister following the decision of newly appointed Vassilis Rapanos to resign the position before even being sworn into it.
The Hellenic Parliament building in the capital of Greece.
The Hellenic Parliament building in the capital of Greece.
Gerard McGovern
Perhaps Vassilis Rapanos was not enamoured of the 30 percent ministerial pay cut announced by new Prime Minister Anthonis Samaras. Perhaps the stress of taking on the worst job in the world was just too much. There certainly appears to be more to his decision to opt out of the new coalition government than the reasons he cited in his letter to Anthonis Samaras.
The letter said "The recent incident that led me to being hospitalized indicated that my health problem has not been overcome. Following discussions that I had with my doctors, I have concluded that the condition of my health, for the time being, is not what it should be in order to fulfill my duties adequately.”
Sources revealed though that Rapanos was not happy that he could not choose his own deputies in the finance ministry. Also, according to Ekathimerini, he was "alarmed by the content of the coalition’s policy program, which was made public on Saturday. He felt the proposals would have made achieving the country’s fiscal targets more difficult and would have been challenged by Greece’s creditors."
The Greek government is now tasked with finding someone else to fill the role of Minister of Finance, and with a week wasted already an announcement is expected to be made on Tuesday. To Vima opined that the delays resulting from ill-health will exacerbate Greece's bad image abroad.