Mother throws two sons to death from 15th floor balcony

Posted Jun 26, 2012 by Katerina Nikolas
A Russian mother allegedly killed her two young sons by throwing them from a 15th floor balcony of their apartment block. The woman, who has been arrested, told investigators she was "fed up with the children."
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Galina Ryabkova, 30, of the Moscow town of Dolgoprudny, took her two sons aged four and seven, from the eighth floor apartment they lived in, up to the fifteenth floor. She then allegedly threw the youngest child to his death, followed by his brother.
The Independent reported neighbours heard the bodies of the children hitting the ground. Tatiana Gumanyova said “I was standing near the window and heard a loud smack… I did not pay attention, thought that the child just stumbled and fell. But then I heard one more smack.”
Another neighbour said he and his wife ran out as the children were falling. He said Ryabkova was leaving the building and they asked her if they were her children. She told them "Yes, I threw them away.’”
En.Rian reported Vladimir Markin of the Russian Investigative Committee said “Suspect Galina Ryabkova was questioned and said she was fed up with the children, so she decided to get rid of them." He said Ryabkova, who planned to divorce her husband, had earlier tried to commit suicide. Ryabkova is to be sent to a psychiatric hospital to undergo evaluation.
Naharnet reports that the woman's husband Sergei is in a state of shock and has barricaded himself inside his home. He was away on business when his wife committed the fateful act.