Canadian father says he lost custody of kids cause he's too fat

Posted Jun 21, 2012 by Marcus Hondro
An Ottawa dad who weighs in at 360 pounds, says his obesity is the reason he was not given custody of his 2 kids. But, as Canada's CTV pointed out in a report, there may be more weight to the story than he's letting on.
Severe obesity
Severe obesity
Tony Alter (CC BY 2.0)
The 38-year-old man's two kids, 5 and 6, were taken from the home of his estranged wife last year. She has mental health issues, may have overdosed and was hospitalized. The man tried to get custody of the children but in a decision Wednesday, a family court judge ruled they must be adopted out.
"One of the reasons they used is because I was too fat, and couldn't keep up with my children," the man, who can't be identified because of the Child and Family Services Act, told CTV. "I'm a passionate man, I love my kids, just want a single chance to be a father, that's it."
Obese father denied custody
The man is claiming that the Royal Ottawa Hospital's family court clinic did not allow him custody of his children in part because of his weight. He points out he was formerly 525 pounds and has done well to lose weight, and will continue to. He also says he's not been allowed to see his children in a year.
The hospital's court clinic could not comment directly on the case but a statement from them suggests there is more to the story. "Every case is unique. Mental and physical issues are examined as well as any special needs of the children," their statement read in part.
The man has admitted that he has taken anger management courses to deal with a temper that has gotten out of control in the past, has stopped smoking marijuana and has taken other steps to improve himself as a father, including his weight loss.
To protest the ruling he plans to go on a hunger strike at Parliament Hill, he said.