Video: Cop swings to save suicidal man in China

Posted Jun 20, 2012 by Anne Sewell
In this dramatic video, a policeman rescues a man, threatening to commit suicide by jumping off a tall building in Ningbo City, eastern China.
Police viewing a suicidal man being rescued.
Police viewing a suicidal man being rescued.
Video screen capture
According to preliminary investigations by the police, the man was trying to commit suicide on Friday, due to family problems.
According to the state broadcaster China Central TV who filmed the incident, when the man threatened to commit suicide, China's regimental police and fire fighters rushed to the scene.
The rescue operation was stopped several times when the man threatened to jump. Finally, in the CCTV video above, one policeman distracted the man by speaking to him through a loudspeaker while other policemen climbed up to the roof.
One of the policemen then swung around the building on a rope, grabbed the man and took him to safety.