Luke Rudkowski beats the mainstream media to Senator Marco Rubio

Posted Jun 19, 2012 by Anne Sewell
When Senator Marco Rubio attended an Earth Freedom Coalition conference recently, the mainstream media were all lined up to ask him questions. However, it turns out none of them had any luck whatsoever.
Luke Rudkowski attempts to interview Senator Marco Rubio.
Luke Rudkowski attempts to interview Senator Marco Rubio.
Video screen capture
While he doesn't actually get his question answered, the cheeky citizen journalist, Luke Rudkowski of We are Change, shows how you can beat the mainstream media when wishing to interview someone.
Rudkowski did, at least, get to ask him a question several times, but unfortunately got no reply.
The video shows Rudkowski navigating around the hotel where the conference was being held, having plotted all the various access points on a previous visit. He is constantly blocked by Rubio's assistants, and occasionally followed by security guards.
What did Rudkowsky want to ask Rubio? He wanted to ask him his thoughts on the Bilderberg Group, and whether it was true that the Bilderbergs were putting him forward as Vice-President.