Hockey mom sent to federal penitentiary for having sex with teens

Posted Jun 16, 2012 by Arthur Weinreb
Saskatchewan mother Kelley Minogue pleaded guilty to three counts of sexual interference and admitted to having sex with three of her son's teenage friends.
When the 39-year-old hockey mom went to court on Thursday and appeared before Judge Barry Singer, she knew she was going to prison. It was just a matter of how long.
The Crown sought a sentence of three-and-a-half years in prison while Minogue's lawyer asked for a reformatory sentence in the range of 12 to 18 months.
In handing down the minimum penitentiary sentence of two years, Singer took into account the fact there were three victims and although Minogue was not in a position of trust to the underage victims, she was responsible for them while they were in her home. She not only had sex with the boys but also bought liquor for them that was consumed in her house.
The judge also decided a penitentiary term was warranted because unlike the provincial jails in Saskatchewan, federal penitentiaries have sex offender programs.
As reported by the National Post, the crimes took place in the fall of 2010. In one incident, two of her son's friends were at her home while her son was out. One of the teens suggested they have a threesome. While initially rejecting the idea, saying they were "too young" and she could wind up in jail, the three ended up having intercourse and oral sex.
In the second incident, several boys were in her home and had been drinking. She told one boy that the house was too crowded so she invited him to sleep in her bed with her. She removed her clothes and initiated sex with the teen.
One of the boys bragged about his exploits with the much older Minogue and his boasting around the small town of Warman eventually made its way to the police.
At her sentencing, Minogue apologized to the victims, their families, and her own family. The mother of one of the victims, none of who can be named, told CBC:
She can be sorry all she wants. When you're an adult and you're in a situation in charge of children you're meant to be an adult and and take care of them, not do this kind of thing.
Court was told Minogue was more of a friend to her son than a parent and let him order her around.
Minogue's lawyer, Mark Brayford, was quoted by News Talk 980 as saying:
She'd be the first one to admit that she was naive and did some foolish things that hopefully some programming might cause her to reflect on how to be a parent.
The prosecutor was satisfied with the sentence saying Minogue did not deserve a lighter sentence just because she is a woman.
A sample of Minogue's DNA will be kept and after her release, the hockey mom will be required to register as a sex offender.