WWE: News on Triple H being against the use of Mick Foley on TV

Posted Jun 15, 2012 by Chris Humphrey
After spending a short stint with TNA for three years, Mick Foley made his return to the WWE last November in presenting a special “This is Your Life” segment with John Cena before being hit with a Rock Bottom by his former tag-team partner, the Rock.
Triple H (Paul Michael Levesque) pointing to the crowd
Triple H (Paul Michael Levesque) pointing to the crowd
Despite being one of the greatest and well-known superstars in the history of the WWE, it’s one of Foley’s biggest rivals during his career in the company, Triple H, who is against the use of him in current television storylines.
Here are the details from F4WOnline (via on the reasoning for the Game not wanting the former champion playing a part on WWE television since his return to the company.
Meltzer reports Levesque deprecates Foley whenever his name is broached in creative meetings. While Brian Gewirtz, WWE's Senior Vice President of Creative Writing, feels Foley is a creative and a good performer, Levesque thinks otherwise. He says Foley "doesn't look tough" and can't be taken seriously as an in-ring performer.
With the comments by Triple H notwithstanding, it would make sense for the WWE to utilize Foley on television in the midst of the roster being desperately thin for talent with injuries to the likes of Alberto Del Rio and suspensions for Randy Orton and Chris Jericho.
While agreeing with the Game in terms of Foley being an in-ring performer each and every week, the creative team could use Foley as a replacement for John Laurinaitis if he were ever to be taken out of his current position on Raw and Smackdown.
Following the current Executive Vice President of Talent Relations believing Foley doesn’t have the look, what do you think of the comments by Triple H in regards to keeping Foley off television the past several months?