Wanted Golden Dawn spokesman Ilias Kasidiaris resurfaces

Posted Jun 11, 2012 by Katerina Nikolas
Ilias Kasidiaris, spokesman for Greece's far-right Golden Dawn, who sprang to international notoriety last week after slapping a female Communist MP on live TV, has resurfaced.
Ilias Kasidiaris of Golden Dawn
Ilias Kasidiaris of Golden Dawn
Athens News reported Kasidiaris was applauded as he emerged from hiding to attend the opening of a Golden Dawn party office in the Athens suburb of Ano Liosia. Speaking to supporters he said Antenna TV set him up on the programme realising he would "become enraged when slapped in face with an insult."
According to the Associated Press Kasidiaris turned up at Athens Court on Monday morning to issue the threatened lawsuits against the two women whom he assaulted on the televison show, Commnunist Liana Kanelli and SYRIZA's member Rena Dourou. He is suing the women for unprovoked insults, and suing Antenna TV for illegally detaining him when he was locked in a room following the shows broadcast.
Another court awaits the arrival of Kasidiaris where he is due to go on trial charged with allegedly driving the get-away car for several people who attacked a student. The case, which dates back to 2007, has already been postponed several times. It has now been postponed again from June 11 to a new date of Sept. 3.
Kasidiaris managed to elude the police until the crucial 48 hours had expired after the issue of an arrest warrant for him following Thursday's attack. The courts will no longer be able to fast-track his case as they would if he had been apprehended within 48 hours.