Op-Ed: Tooth tattoo could halt serious disease in humans

Posted Jun 9, 2012 by Melissa Horrocks
A new device has been found to help identify tooth decay, serious disease and viruses. It could save thousands of lives.
A lower wisdom tooth.
A lower wisdom tooth.
Gleam / Commons Wiki
According to Sky News, Tooth tattoos that are made out of silk strands and gold wires could be used to identify life threatening diseases, researchers have stated.
The small, wireless tattoo, sticks to dental enamel and informs users of real-time updates. It transmits information about the breath and saliva. Engineers at Princeton University in America have used the tattoo to identify bacteria that would lead to surgical infections and stomach ulcers, it can also be used to recognise viruses.
A person would not need a battery because the antenna coil transmits the signal. The sensor is still in the very early stages of development, but one day it could be used to check human health with precision.
It is interesting to think that such a small device could do such an important role. The tattoo is applied to the teeth using water, "like a child's transfer tattoo", the university said. Currently, the tattoo is too large to fit on a human tooth and needs to be scaled down.