AHL: Fluke goal in Toronto Marlies loss, a mistake by referees

Posted Jun 8, 2012 by Daniel Boyington
The AHL issued a statement today admitting the fluke goal in Toronto Marlies loss to Norfolk Admirals was a 'mistake' but nothing can be done now. Norfolk won the game 1-0 in the first over-time, leading the series 3-0.
Marlies head coach Dallas Eakins
Marlies head coach Dallas Eakins
It all started Thursday night in the AHL Calder Cup finals when Toronto Marlies were scored on by a fluke shot and bounce from centre ice by Norfolks Mike Kostka, but after the game it was revealed his teammate was on a delayed offside
The rules clearly state if a goal is scored during a delayed offside, whether the player tags up before or after the puck enters the net, the goal will be disallowed, since the goal was scored in sudden death overtime, there was some confusion, and it appears the referees were not aware of the delayed offside.
Norfolks Mike Kostka and Marlies Will Acton
Norfolks Mike Kostka and Marlies Will Acton
The AHL's David Andrews issued a statement Friday indicating an 'error' had been made.
“As AHL By-Laws do not allow for any change to the final result of a game based on an incorrect rule interpretation, the result of the game stands.” Was it an interpretation or was it offside, doesn't appear to be any interpretation involved.
Marlie Head Coach Eakins tweeted: Never forget that @theahl is a developmental league for the referees as well. Players and coaches have made mistakes.We all move on.— Dallas Eakins (@dallaseakins) June 8, 2012
The evil stanchion (post)  that caused the fluke goal Thursday  at Marlies AHL loss to Norfolk
The evil stanchion (post) that caused the fluke goal Thursday, at Marlies AHL loss to Norfolk
In any event, the next game in the best of seven series faces off at 3pm at Ricoh Coliseum, Saturday afternoon at 3pm, and if necessary game five will go Sunday at 3pm. Final two games, if necessary will be back in Norfolk, Virginia.
It is not clear if this is the final word from the AHL on the goal on Thursday, since this is a championship series and allowing a goal that the AHL admits was wrong, may set a bad precedent for hockey and the AHL. The Star: Marlies cry foul.