TopFinds: Building human homes on Mars, honouring D-Day veterans

Posted Jun 8, 2012 by David Silverberg
Mars One wants to create human settlements on the Red Planet. A Digital Journalist photographs a D-Day memorial event in Toronto. An Indian village is overrun by giant venomous spiders. These are the top stories from across the world.
Artist s representation of a habitation on Mars.
Artist's representation of a habitation on Mars.
Video screen capture
As we do every week on Friday, we've collected the top news stories and compiled them on one page. Digital Journalists reported horrific crime news, Costa Concordia updates, and fascinating science photos and videos.
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Top Digital Journal Reports

In Photos: D-Day Normandy Landings remembered at annual ceremony (Includes first-hand account) by Andrew Moran
On June 6, 1944, more than 150,000 allied forces invaded Normandy in Operation Overlord. Thousands of American, British and Canadian soldiers died and were wounded, their efforts changed the course of World War II. They shall be remembered and honoured.
Members of Toronto s Police  Firefighters  emergency medical services  Armed Forces  Toronto Transit...
Members of Toronto's Police, Firefighters, emergency medical services, Armed Forces, Toronto Transit Commission and others take part in a military parade during the D-Day commemoration at city hall.
Video: Shell's fake rig spews liquor over guests at PR event (Includes interview) by David Silverberg
A recently uploaded video shows a Shell launch event gone horribly wrong: a small fake oil rig designed to pour drinks malfunctioned and ended up spraying fancily dressed guests with liquor like an out-of-control hose. Some believe it's a hoax.
'War of the Flea' — documentary on farm murders in South Africa (Includes interview and first-hand account) by Anne Sewell
Independent filmmaker and director, Rian van der Walt, has created a moving and shocking film showing the genocide which is being carried out against white farmers in South Africa.
Spotted Lake, a world class wonder on the map of BC (Includes interview and first-hand account) by Joseph Boltrukiewicz
Spotted Lake, located inthe sunny Okanagan area of British Columbia and once classified in the group of 10 first geological wonders of the world, is within easy reach of a half day drive from Vancouver.
Man charged in Toronto Eaton Centre shooting was on house arrest (Includes first-hand account) by KJ Mullins
The man accused of one of the most violent acts in Toronto history was on house arrest Saturday when he opened fire at the food court at Eaton Centre.

Top Images

Rusty dunes and cliffs of Canoa Quebrada beach  Ceará  Brazil.
Rusty dunes and cliffs of Canoa Quebrada beach, Ceará, Brazil.
The goblin mask worn by the actor Warwick Davis.
The goblin mask worn by the actor Warwick Davis.
General view of Spotted Lake  near Osoyoos  BC  Canada.
General view of Spotted Lake, near Osoyoos, BC, Canada.
Dozens gather outside of the British Embassy in downtown Toronto holding Canadian and British flags ...
Dozens gather outside of the British Embassy in downtown Toronto holding Canadian and British flags to protest Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa’s attendance for Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee.
The Toronto Joker was on hand today for Toronto s Herbie Day 2012
The Toronto Joker was on hand today for Toronto's Herbie Day 2012

In the Media

Arizona mother smokes pot, drives off with baby on roof of car by Arthur Weinreb
The five-week-old was found on a Phoenix street strapped into a damaged car seat. His mother had smoked pot all evening and put him on the roof of her car and then drove off. She did not realize he was missing until she got home.
Persistent cases of 'zombie attack' suggest bath salts epidemic by JohnThomas Didymus
Two weeks after the infamous "Miami Zombie" attack, new cases of bizarre attacks continue to be reported in the media. Analysts say that the persistent reports are evidence of a sharp increase in the use of street drugs that cause "beast-like" behavior.
Work to refloat Costa Concordia finally gets underway in Italy by Marcus Hondro
The work to refloat the Costa Concordia, the Italian cruise ship that listed and tipped over off the island of Giglio Jan. 13, has finally begun. It is expected to take about one year to right the ship and tow her to a port to be scrapped.
Workers on the Island of Giglio stand with the doomed Costa Concordia in the background.
Workers on the Island of Giglio stand with the doomed Costa Concordia in the background.
Photo courtesy EU Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection
Woman arrested for cheering too loudly at daughter's graduation by JohnThomas Didymus
A woman was arrested at her daughter's high school graduation because she cheered too loudly when her daughter received her diploma. Shannon Cooper said that police handcuffed her, placed her in a police van and transferred her to a detention center.
Medieval 'vampire' skeletons unearthed in Bulgaria by JohnThomas Didymus
Archaeologists say they have found two medieval remains of the dead pinned down to their graves through the chests with iron rods, a practice widely used in Europe up until the first decade of the 20th century to stop the dead from becoming vampires.
Two dead as Indian village invaded by giant venomous spiders by Katerina Nikolas
Scientists have been sent to a remote Indian village to investigate an invasion of giant venomous spiders believed to be a new species of tarantula.
Video: Miami zombie attack prank causes panic by JohnThomas Didymus
A video of a prank zombie attack was posted to YouTube after the May 26 "zombie" attack in which Rudy Eugene chewed off the face of a homeless man. Many viewers have criticized the prank, saying it was a tasteless and dangerous prank.
Saudi Princess caught leaving Parisian hotel without paying bill by Katerina Nikolas
Police were called when a Saudi Arabian Princess was caught trying to leave a luxury hotel in Paris without settling her bill for $7.4 million.
CDC reassures public that zombie apocalypse is not here by JohnThomas Didymus
The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on Thursday reassured the public that zombies don't exist. The statement was released following a series of bizarre "cannibalistic" crimes that raised speculations that the zombie apocalypse has begun.
Video: Transit of Venus across the sun (high definition) by Anne Sewell
An event not to happen again until 2117 had astronomers and amateur stargazers enthralled, as they gathered to watch the rare phenomenon.
Venus transit across the sun
Venus transit across the sun
Video screen capture
Mars One: Human settlement on Mars in 2023 by Anne Sewell
An ambitious new project has started. Mars One plans to establish the first human settlement on Mars in 2023. Only one problem, you can't come back.

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