Teen goth opera singer wows on America's Got Talent

Posted Jun 8, 2012 by Yukio Strachan
If there was ever a reason for the saying never judge a book by its cover, it was meant for America's Got Talent contestant Andrew De Leon, whose Marilyn Manson look betrayed an arresting voice leaving the judges speechless and audience in tears.
Andrew De Leon  Austin Auditions ~ America s Got Talent 2012
Andrew De Leon, Austin Auditions ~ America's Got Talent 2012
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"Growing up, I was alienated because I was never interested in athletics or what everybody else in my family was interested in," the gothically styled contestant told host Nick Cannon as he waited to audition, according to Entertainmentwise. "Singing was always an escape. It was always a comfort zone."
Goth Opera Singer Andrew De Leon
At first glance, with his long straight black hair, dark eye makeup, and Marilyn Manson-esque white contacts and black clothes, you might think De Leon would scream into the mic or jump around the stage.
Instead, what came out of the shy 19-year-old makeup artist's mouth was a brilliant diamond, a gem he said no one ever knew about: De Leon sang opera.
Right away, all three judges' jaws dropped and the crowd was either on their feet or wiping away their tears (or both), Eonline reports.
The audience and the judges, including Howard Stern gave him a standing ovation following his performance. Stern congratulated the visibly shaking hopeful who had been alienated all his life on his vocal talent, telling him: “You came in here and blew the roof off the joint.”
As writes, De Leon let out another surprise, as he then admitted: "I've never performed in front of anybody."
"I'm just so used to being rejected and I'm not really good at anything, so this is amazing," he said.
Well, Howard Stern, Sharon Osbourne and Howie Mandel seem to differ, reports E! Online, because each gave Andrew a "yes" to continue with the competition, with judge Howie Mandel adding: "It's not that you're good at anything…You are great."
As Entertainmentwise noted, the young star in the making was overcome with emotion as he took in approval for the first time in his life.
To top the night off, the show played Coldplay's hit "Fix You" in the background as De Long walked off stage:
Lights will guide you home
And ignite your bones
And I will try to fix you
You can watch Andrew De Leon’s stunning performance on America’s Got Talent above