Dead toddler rises from coffin; parents baffled and furious

Posted Jun 7, 2012 by Pratidnya Bhat
Kelvin Santos, a two-year old boy in Brazil, breathed his last in the hospital and his family was mourning over his dead body lying in an open coffin. Suddenly he sat up in the coffin and asked his dad for water before lying back down again, lifeless.
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Kelvin was undergoing a treatment for pneumonia at a hospital in Belem, Brazil. During the treatment he stopped breathing; the doctors declared him dead and sent his body to his home.
According to the Daily Mail, Kelvin was declared dead at 7.40 pm on Friday, after suffering cardiac-respiratory failure, and his body was handed over to his family in a plastic bag.
The family mourned over their loss throughout the night with relatives grieving by their side while Kelvin’s body lay in an open coffin.
As incredible as it may sound, just an hour before the funeral, Kelvin sat up in his coffin and said “Daddy, can I have some water?” Parents and mourners were baffled and gaped at the sight and started screaming with shock.
“Everybody started to scream. We thought a miracle had taken place. Then Kelvin just laid back down. We couldn’t wake him. He was dead again”, his dad, Antonio said, reported The Sun.
The body was again rushed to the hospital, where the doctors reexamined him and confirmed his death.
According to, Antonio said, “'They assured me that he really was dead and gave me no explanation for what we had just seen and heard”.
The family delayed the funeral by another hour hoping to see some miracle of Kelvin’s revival, before burying him at 5 pm.
Mr. Santos has now complained to the police, alleging medical malpractice.