Beep drink is back in Nova Scotia

Posted Jun 7, 2012 by Kevin Jess
Farmer's Dairy in Nova Scotia is bringing back its sugary orange drink 'Beep' for a limited time beginning this Monday and it's creating quite a buzz in social media circles.
Beep. A sweet orange flavored drink
Beep. A sweet orange flavored drink
Farmer's Dairy/Facebook
Farmer's Co-operative Dairy released the news Tuesday on its Facebook page saying, "Our Facebook Friends are among the first to know – we are bringing Beep back for a limited time. The packaging arrived yesterday and production is scheduled for later this week. Look for it in most stores that sell Farmers milk and other Farmers products starting next week. Remember Beep is only back for a little while, so enjoy it while you can."
Beep is a very sweet orange drink that was available across Canada and the United States beginning in the 1960's but gradually dwindled and was only sold in Nova Scotia until about two years ago when it was discontinued altogether. It is being offered for a limited time in Nova Scotia alone.
Andrea Hickey, marketing and communications manager with the co-operative told the Chronicle Herald, “There’s a real emotional connection with the drink among its fans. We like to think we’re bringing it back as a nostalgic treat."
Beep will be reintroduced in its original '60s packaging and will be available until October or while supplies last.