22 civilians killed in suicide blasts in Kandahar, Afghanistan

Posted Jun 6, 2012 by Anne Sewell
22 people were killed when 2 suicide blasts occurred in a market area several kilometers from Kandahar Air Field, used by the U.S.-led coalition.
US troops in Kandahar  Afghanistan
US troops in Kandahar, Afghanistan
While some news sources are quoting 20 dead and 22 injured, the latest report is that 22 are dead and at least 50 other civilians were wounded in the blast, according to Javid Faisal, spokesman for Kandahar province and cited by AP.
Taliban spokesman, Qari Yousef Ahmadi, has claimed responsibility for the blast, which was caused initially by a suicide bomber detonating his motorcycle. As people ran to aid the injured, a second suicide bomber walked up to the area and detonated his explosives.
The explosions happened 5 kilometers from the main gate to the U.S. air field, and 500 meters from an Afghan military base. The location was a parking and waiting area for trucks, where shopkeepers sell logistical supplies to Kandahar Air Field.
Violent attacks have increased in the country since the Taliban started an offensive in April. They vow to target security forces (including the 130,000 foreign troops in the country) and also the Afghan government.