Assange 'The World Tomorrow' — guests targeted by the FBI

Posted Jun 5, 2012 by Anne Sewell
Sources close to WikiLeaks and Julian Assange have told RT, “The FBI is apparently collecting evidence to indict Julian Assange before a grand jury. Sweden must not be the final destination of the designed extradition.”
Julian Assange interviews representatives from OWS.
Julian Assange interviews representatives from OWS.
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Before the latest Cypherpunks episode of "The World Tomorrow" had even premiered on RT, Jérémie Zimmerman, co-founder of the cyber freedoms group, La Quadrature du Net, was detained on his way from the U.S. to France, after filming this episode of Assange's controversial talk show.
Zimmerman was grabbed by “self-identified FBI agents,” reports the WikiLeaks website.
Officers asked him various details regarding Julian Assange, and when he asked about his rights, the cyber-activist was threatened with arrest and imprisonment.
A tweet by WikiLeaks reads: “We have confirmed U.S. authorities have this week detained and interrogated multiple Europeans about Assange.”
In another incident Smári McCarthy, a co-founder and board member of the Icelandic Digital Freedoms Society, has also been stopped while entering the U.S. WikiLeaks reports that McCarthy was approached by 3 U.S. officials in Washington DC, and asked to become an informer.
McCarthy is to appear on part 2 of the Cypherpunks interviews next week.
While McCarthy's whereabouts are at present unknown, he remains in communication with the Icelandic MP Birgitta Jonsdottir.
WikiLeaks feels that the FBI is building a case against Julian Assange. They state that should he be extradited to Sweden, he will then soon after be sent to the U.S.A.
An earlier episode of the controversial talk show featured Nabeel Rajab, who is a Bahraini human rights activist. After the show was recorded and Rajab was returning home, he was detained by the Bahraini authorities. This was due to a tweet sent by Rajab, advising that he had been interviewed by Julian Assange.
Digital Journal reported on his arrest.
In that episode of "The World Tomorrow", Rajab said that on the same day he announced on his Twitter account that he was going to appear on RT, his house was surrounded by almost 100 policemen armed with machine guns – but luckily he was not there at the time.
"The World Tomorrow" is broadcast live every Tuesday on RT at 11:30 GMT and published on Digital Journal as soon as the video is available.
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