153 dead after airliner crashes into building in Lagos, Nigeria

Posted Jun 3, 2012 by Gar Swaffar
One day after a Nigerian aircraft crashed in Ghana, a Nigerian airliner has crashed into a building in Lagos, a major travel hub for West Africa. 153 people are confirmed dead.
Crash scene
Crash scene
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Only one day after a Nigerian Allied Air plane crashed in Ghana, killing 10 people, a Dana Air flight has landed in a mixed use area of Lagos.
According to reports by Fox News and MSNBC, the aircraft had crashed through a furniture store, and then into a residential section.
Authorities on the ground report 153 passengers and crew were killed, along with an unknown number of people on the ground.
Nigerian Eye was on scene reporting bodies were on fire in the wreckage and bodies littered the streets (warning: the link to Nigerian Eye contains graphic images).
The plane is reported to have struck at least four buildings, including the furniture store and a church. The flight originated in Abuja, Nigeria.
Notably, Nigerian Eye is maintaining an update status at the link above, with the latest developments.
1] Nigerian Eye:
Former NTA Sunday show host and Group General Manager, Corporate Affairs of Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation, Levi Ajuonuma was among the passengers involved in the Dana airline crash as Confirmed by the NNPC.
2] The manifest of those on board the aircraft is at: this link.
3] The Dana Air website has no information posted at this time (1330 hrs. PST)
4] Al Jazeera reports that people on the ground are suggesting the aircraft may have struck a power line before striking the buildings.
5] From MSNBC
Razak Fadipe, acting head of the Lagos fire service, told The Daily Times of Nigeria that no one had been rescued alive as of 7:30 p.m. (2:30 p.m. ET) but that people were likely to be trapped in the one of the buildings.
6] From The Nigerian Daily Times;
Meanwhile, a senior official of Dana Airlines, who did not want his name published, has just confirmed to Daily Times that the plane which crashed on Sunday had been undergoing repairs for several weeks.
"The station manager protested its use but the Indian management insisted it should fly," he said.