Unsolved murders UK

Posted Jun 2, 2012 by Alexander Baron
Last year a serial killer was believed to be on the loose in a British hospital. Two arrests and several months later, no progress appears to have been made.
Lancaster University student Anuj Bidve who was murdered in Manchester on Boxing Day 2011. The India...
Lancaster University student Anuj Bidve who was murdered in Manchester on Boxing Day 2011. The Indian national was shot through the head at close range for no apparent reason.
Greater Manchester Police
This case was shrouded in mystery from the beginning. No one seems to know precisely how many deaths at Stepping Hill Hospital, Stockport are suspicious, or how many other victims have apparently been attacked. The first major development was the arrest of Staff Nurse Rebecca Leighton, but it soon became apparent that it was not her who was responsible for tampering with a number of saline drips. Another arrest, of a male nurse, seemed more significant, but that too has led nowhere, so the police are still in the dark, the public more so.
A more recent murder was that of 93 year old Emma Winnall, who died four weeks after receiving a senseless and quite shocking beating while in bed at her Birmingham home. There have also been two arrests in connection with this case, but again they appear to lead nowhere. We should though give the police time for what is likely to be a complex case involving many lines of inquiry and just as many blind alleys.
Last Boxing Day was murder day in Britain, and the most high profile of those murders was that of an Indian student in Salford. Anuj Bidve was shot in the head for no apparent reason by a total stranger. As of yesterday, this was no longer a whodunnit but a why done it, because at Manchester Crown Court, 21 year old Kiaran Stapleton admitted the killing but denied murder. Unsurprisingly, the prosecution has not accepted a guilty plea to manslaughter.
When he first appeared before magistrates, Stapleton gave his name as Psycho Stapleton. Law students who are au fait with the legal fiction of diminished responsibility will understand what that implies. Stapleton's trial has been set for June 25.