Man leaves his baby in car to gamble, gone for 7 hours

Posted May 31, 2012 by Leigh Goessl
A Connecticut man has been arrested after he allegedly left his infant son in a car for seven hours while he gambled inside Mohegan Sun Casino.
At a casino.
At a casino.
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According to NBC News, police said the 32-year-old man left his 8-month-old son in the car, alone, while he was in the casino. It is claimed he left his son inside the vehicle around 3 a.m. The car had been left in the casino's parking garage.
Police had received reports of a baby left alone in a car, reported WTNH (courtesy of WWLP).
Purportedly the man did not come back out until 10 a.m. Media reports do not indicate he came out to check on the baby at all during this seven hour span. Additionally, Mohegan Sun has babysitting services.
State Police arrested Kyuyoun Lee, of Waterbury, Conn., and charged him with leaving a child unsupervised and risk of injury to a child.
"It's a very serious charge, it's a very critical situation," Lt. J. Paul Vance, State Police, told WTNH. "That's why our legislature put in these laws, enacted these laws, simply stated, hot weather, warm weather, this could be a deadly situation for any child to be left in a close compartment of a vehicle like this."
Lee is due back in court to answer to these charges on June 14. He was released on $5,000 bond.
Police told media the infant is now in the custody of The Department of Children and Families.
Last week a mother left her toddler in a motel room while she was at a casino in Fife, Wash.