Human foot delivered to Canadian Conservative party HQ in Ottawa

Posted May 29, 2012 by David Silverberg
Ottawa police say a human foot was found in a package sent to the Conservative Party of Canada's headquarters in downtown Ottawa.
130 Albert Street in Ottawa  the headquarters of the Conservative Party of Canada
130 Albert Street in Ottawa, the headquarters of the Conservative Party of Canada
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The Conservative Party of Canada headquarters on Albert St. was blocked off from traffic as hazardous materials handlers were called in after the suspicious package was found May 29.
Staff Sgt. Bruce Pirt said major crimes investigators have taken over the HAZMAT call because if it is a human foot, "there's a body without one," he told CBC News.
Police said it appeared to be a human foot in an X-ray, but official confirmation will have to wait until the coroner has investigated.
The Conservative Party has not responded to calls for comment from media.
Severed feet have appeared in odd places in Canada over the last year. Around a dozen feet washed up on British Columbian shores in Sept. 2011, while police are still baffled about where they came from, CTV News reported.