Greek elections: New Democracy leads over SYRIZA in latest polls

Posted May 27, 2012 by Katerina Nikolas
Latest polls published on Sunday morning in the Greek press show that New Democracy has taken the lead over SYRIZA. A further poll shows that nine out of every ten Greeks wish to remain in the eurozone.
Alexis Tsipras
Alexis Tsipras
wikimedia commons
Polls indicate that the conservative New Democracy (ND) party has snatched back the lead from the coalition of the radical left, SYRIZA. A poll in To Vima places ND on 25.8 percent and SYRIZA on 20.1 percent. Prota Thema publishes a poll with ND on 25.6 percent and SYRIZA on 22.9 percent, Ekathimerini reports.
According to Bloomberg a poll for Tipos tis Kiriakis placed ND on 26.5 percent, just a fraction of a point above SYRIZA on 26 percent.
Polls also indicate that far right Golden Dawn will retain parliamentary representation. Even though their share of the vote has declined since the May 6 elections the figures indicate they will still garner the necessary three percent to enter Parliament.
Antonis Samaras has gained from the return of Dora Bakoyannis to the folds of New Democracy after she disbanded her Democratic Alliance Party after failing to gain three percent in the previous election. Hellas Frappe reported that some members of ND who left the party to join LAOS are also returning to ND to bolster the party's standing and make it more electable.
The outcome of the June 17 elections are crucial for Greece which is operating under a caretaker government. Opinion in Greece is firm that no matter who wins the elections the ensuing government will be fragmented and most likely lead to further elections within a year.