Review: 69-71 Alfa 1750 Spider Convertible. Red and ready for driving fun

Posted May 23, 2012 by Kyle Busch
This article reports on the 1969-1971 Alfa Romeo Spider Convertible a classic and timeless automotive piece that continues to capture the interest and hearts of driving enthusiasts.
We all know how expensive Ferraris are, however, what automotive enthusiast would not like to own one? If you desire some Italian flair in a smaller more reasonably priced automotive piece, possibly consider the 1969-1971 Alpha Romeo Spider Convertible.
It is an automotive fact that Enzo Ferrari worked at Alfa Romeo and then went on to start Ferrari.
So what does the classic 69-71 Alfa 1750 Spider Convertible have to offer?
The spider was unveiled at the 1966 Turin Motor Show. In 1968 and 1970 no Alfa Spider Convertibles were imported to the U.S. thus, we are actually looking at two years (1969 and 1971) In 1969 the car had an extended ‘round-tail’ and in 1971 the car received a more conventional (flat) Kamm-tail.
The engine is a 1.8-liter (1,779 cc) double overhead cam (aluminum block and head) four-cylinder providing 118 hp and 125 ft. lb. of torque. The transmission is a five-speed manual gearbox (the unit’s synchronizers were reportedly manufactured by Porsche). This Alfa does 0-60 mph in 9.7 seconds and the car’s top speed is 118 mph.
On the exterior the Alfa 1750 Spider Convertible has crisp lines and an abundance of character.
At the front this Alfa’s windshield is canted back. The hood is long, smooth and downward sloping. The front fenders are rounded at the top and capped off by round chrome ringed headlights. The metal between the headlights extends out past the headlights. The bumper is a thin two piece nicely integrated chrome unit(s). The distinctive shaped chrome V shaped Alfa grille sits in between the split bumper.
From the side this Alfa sits low and the upper part of the car is quite flat. The windshield is curved at the ends and at the sides there are triangular shaped chrome vents. The door handles are small pieces also done in chrome. There is distinctive recessed detail work located in the middle of the front fender that runs back through the door. The rear fender has bit of a lip at its edge. Side markers are in both the front and rear fenders. The car’s alloy wheels add a nice contrast.
At the rear this Alfa has a smooth and very flat trunk. The back of the car is vertically flat (the 69 model has the extended round-tail). The taillights are rectangular units surrounded by chrome. The bumper is also chrome with contrasting black rubber at its center.
On the interior the Spider Convertible includes full instrumentation. There is a large round tachometer on the left and a speedometer on the right. Smaller gauges are located in the upper part of the dash above the console providing oil pressure, water temperature and fuel readings. The shift lever sits up high in the vertical part of the console and it is surrounded by switches and controls. The front bucket seats are comfortable and because this car is a two seater, there is good legroom.
The brakes are discs at all four corners and they are reported to have very good stopping power.
The suspension at the front consists of double wishbones, coil springs, telescopic shock absorbers and an anti-roll bar. The setup at the rear includes trailing arms, coil springs, telescopic shock absorbers and an anti-roll bar.
The fuel rating for the Alfa 1750 Spider Convertible is 29 mpg on the highway.
On the road this Alfa provides reasonable acceleration, pure feedback from the steering wheel as well as rewarding shift action from its manual gearbox. The car holds the road well and is especially rewarding on twisty back roads. Its ride quality is quite good for a sports car of its vintage (1969-1971). This Alfa is capable of reasonably comfortable highway cruising.
Regarding this classic, Cliff Chambers of Unique Cars said, “Few cars possess the mass appeal of Alfa’s glorious Spider and these days they represent great buying.”
The 1969-1971 Alfa Romeo 1750 Spider Convertible is a satisfying drive that includes some nice Italian flair. It is a car that is considered timeless and one that you might really enjoy owning and driving!