Alberta man fleeing police runs to police station

Posted May 22, 2012 by Arthur Weinreb
The driver took off after being stopped by an RCMP officer for having tinted windows on his vehicle. He eventually ran to the rear of the Leduc detachment of the RCMP where officers going out the door arrested him.
RCMP performing a search
RCMP performing a search
Greencolander / Michelle Tribe
The incident began around 4:30 p.m. Sunday. An officer with the Leduc Integrated Traffic Unit spotted a Ford Fusion with what appeared to be illegally tinted windows. The vehicle stopped but before the officer could get the driver's details, the car took off.
After going just a short distance, the car crashed into a pickup truck. The driver of the Fusion and the passenger then bailed and began to run. The driver of the pickup was not injured.
The officer who made the initial stop decided against engaging in a pursuit. He simply notified other officers to be on the lookout for the suspects and the vehicle. Cpl. Alex DaSilva was in the Leduc detachment at the time and he and two fellow officers went out the back door to see if they could observe anything. They saw the driver, not only running but running right at them. The arrest was described as having been made "without incident."
DaSilva is quoted in the Toronto Sun as saying the fugitive "ran literally into our arms." Described as laughing, the officer added, It's quite funny actually. We should have just let him keep running and opened up the cell door and he would've gone right in. He should have just stopped and allowed the member to deal with the impaired and over the limit. Now he's facing dangerous driving and other charges.
As reported by the Leduc Representative, Allan Tyler Mykat, 26, of Hobbema, Alberta faces charges of flight from police, dangerous driving, fail to remain at the scene of an accident, impaired driving, drive over 80, obstruct police, and driving without a valid operator's license. He is due to appear in court on June 6 by closed circuit television.
It will be interesting to see if Mykat raises the defense that he was not fleeing from police; he was running right to them.