Man runs half-marathon while flying in a hot air balloon

Posted May 20, 2012 by Yukio Strachan
An Australian marathon runner has taken training to new heights as he completed a half-marathon while traveling in a hot air balloon above Australia.
Rob Ginnivan ran a half marathon in a hot air balloon raising money for the heart foundation.
Rob Ginnivan ran a half marathon in a hot air balloon raising money for the heart foundation.
Screenshot via YouTube
"Every time I took a step the basket would sway from left to right so I kind of had this sea type motion being in the air. It was quite bizarre and made it very difficult," Rob Ginnivan, the marathon runner, said.
Braving the cold and the altitude, IT consultant Rob Ginnivan ran the 13 mile distance on a treadmill loaded into the wicker basket.
The treadmill was powered by a small generator.
Although he is an experienced runner of 18 marathons, the 46 year old took three hours to complete the challenge because he could only take small steps on the treadmill as he flew around Canberra, Australia.
"What I didn't count on was that the basket actually tilted, so it was like running up a hill," Ginnivan said, London's Telegraph reported.
The hot air balloon took off in Narrabundah soon after 7am, setting down in a paddock near Fraser just before 10 am.
“It went really, really well, we went all around Canberra,” he said. “What a feeling.”
"The biggest issue was finding a day when we could fly for about three hours, which is quite unusual for a regular balloon ride," Ewan Roberts, the balloon pilot, said, according to 9News.
Ginnivan told the Canberra Times he first thought of attempting a mid-air half marathon on May 27 2011, when he and wife Kristen took a hot air balloon ride to celebrate their 21st wedding anniversary.
“While I was up there I had the ‘ah-ha’ moment that maybe a treadmill might fit in here, and I could run a half marathon,” he said.
Ginnivan has already run in Morocco and on a ship as part of a land, air and sea challenge in order to raise $95,000 for the Heart Foundation. Ginnivan lost both his grandfathers to heart disease.