Whose program changes will be more successful: WWE or TNA?

Posted May 18, 2012 by Chris Humphrey
It was a classic case of not being shown up by your competitor today, as the WWE and TNA both made major announcements on the future of their weekly flagship programs.
As reported by, the WWE announced today that (starting on July 23rd) Raw will be permanently expanding to three hours every Monday night in celebration of the program reaching its 1000th episode.
Not to be outdone, TNA president Dixie Carter announced (via that Impact will be broadcast live every Thursday night throughout this summer as the program moves to its brand new time slot at 8 p.m. on SpikeTV.
Despite being the more popular company and program on a weekly basis, WWE's Raw will have a bigger chance to fail than TNA, as the company will need to improve their storylines and bring up new superstars to the main roster to fill the timeslot.
While Raw will have a bigger chance to fail with the expansion to three hours, the company will have a better chance to develop their storylines.
As for TNA, the company will have the better chance to make their change a success with Impact. Being taped every week leads to their program being ruined ahead of time by internet spoilers.
In the end, the ultimate hope for fans of either or both promotions is that TNA could begin to close the gap to invigorate the world of professional wrestling like it was in the glory days of the "Monday night wars" in the 1990s.
With WWE and TNA both making major changes to their flagship shows this summer, which of the two will have the most success?