Trawler finds UK's biggest oyster

Posted May 17, 2012 by Owen Weldon
Experts believe that a Shetland Trawler has possibly caught the largest oyster that has ever been found in the United Kingdom.
The shell was caught about 27 miles off Bressay. The massive oyster weighed over a kilogramme and was 201mm across.
According to BBC, Mark Anderson, the skipper, took the oyster and brought it to the NAFC Marine Centre. The shell's record-breaking potential was confirmed art the marine centre.
According to the Shetland Times, The previous record was held by an oyster that was caught in the Cornwall area. That oyster was 178mm across and was around 1.3kg in weight.
It's impossible to be able to tell the age of the shell. However, the oyster could have been alive for decades now.
The oyster may be the largest oyster caught in the UK but it is not the biggest ever recorded. The biggest oyster that has ever been caught was found in the United States, in Chesapeake Bay. That oyster was more than 300mm across.