Video: Fun-loving school teachers dance-bomb students' interview

Posted May 16, 2012 by JohnThomas Didymus
Teachers at the Abby Kelly Foster High Charter School, in Massachusetts, gave their students a delightful lesson in the art of "pranking" when they agreed to dance in the background of the video showing the students taking an end of school year interview.
File photo: High School
File photo: High School
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In the hilarious five-minute video, set to Whitney Houston's "I wanna dance with somebody," several students are shown being interviewed by their history teacher Mike Penny, who asked them to reflect on the school year. The students, who thought they were being interviewed as part of the normal school curriculum, did not know that some of their teachers were standing behind them doing the most outlandish things teachers have ever done.
One of the teachers is shown demonstrating improvised dance moves, while a bespectacled teacher bangs his head with mallets. Another wields a sprinkler. Later, the teachers appear in pairs dancing behind the unsuspecting students who are trying hard to concentrate on the history teacher's questions and come up with smart answers.
This unusual video, created by the history teacher Penny, has received thousands of views. And of course, YouTube viewers have been commenting on the performance skills of the teachers. Most viewers agree that the bearded teacher dressed in red shirt and navy sweater has the best dance moves.
Daily Mail commends the teachers for finding a creative way to ease the stress of impending final exams for their students.
CBS awarded an A in pranking and sense of humor to the teachers of Abby Kelly Foster High School.