Greece's neo-Nazi Golden Dawn website suspended

Posted May 10, 2012 by Katerina Nikolas
WordPress has suspended the website of the Greek political party Golden Dawn, which gained electoral success in Sunday's election, claiming violation of service.
Greece: The Acropolis
Chris Hogg
Golden Dawn, which resents the label neo-Nazi, has garnered international attention since winning its first seats in parliament. However the attention has been critical amid allegations it has threatened and intimidated journalists. Now the website on which the group published its threats against journalist Xenia Kounalaki, has been suspended, even before the petition organized by to have it removed had chance to attract much support.
Reporters complained about the demands made by Golden Dawn at its victory press conference. The party ordered journalists to stand and salute the party or leave.
In an interview with ITV Golden Dawn spokesperson Theodoros Koudounas denied the group were either fascist or Nazi, explaining that they could not be fascists as they aren't Italians, nor could they be Nazis as they aren't Germans. Instead he described them as “Popular nationalists”. They have played on anti-immigrant sentiments which have been fuelled by the rising tide of crime in Greek cities and the inexorable flow of over one million illegals which the nation is ill equipped to bear the financial costs of.
Many who chose to cast their vote for Golden Dawn did so as a protest vote against the mainstream parties that have dominated Greece and bear responsibility for the current crisis. However, with the prospect of a second election looming Reuters report "the only voters who expressed regret" for voting against austerity measures "were some of those who cast ballots for extreme-right Golden Dawn, out of concern for illegal immigration and rising crime."
Whilst likely to retain a position in Parliament, a second election could see a reduction in the 21 seats they won this weekend.