Ottawa spending $100,000 for flags and pins

Posted May 6, 2012 by Matt Cianfarani
The Government has set aside almost $100,000 in funds to purchase promotional materials to celebrate the diamond jubilee (sixth decade of Queen Elizabeth’s reign.)
Canadian Flag
Canadian Flag
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The costing, tabled by Heritage Minister James Moore notes that $74,180 was set aside for 682,000 paper flags to be sent to the public, provinces and territories; $52,650 for 300,000 lapel pins; and $28,883.20 on posters.
According to the National Post, The government also plans to spend $94,675.50 to print Crown of Maples — a government publication that “makes information on the Crown in Canada available to Canadians in an interesting and educational format,”
Canada's Heritage Department, plans to spend $7.5-million dollars from the department’s budget for celebrations and commemorations. $2-million will go toward community celebrations, $1.8-million for “awareness initiatives” and $3.7-million for the diamond jubilee medals program.