Op-Ed: Ron Paul supporters shake & wake the GOP

Posted May 6, 2012 by Mindy Allan
The GOP is shocked as Ron Paul remains in the running for president of the United States in 2012. The saga of David versus Goliath continues.
Ron Paul taking questions
Ron Paul taking questions
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Ron Paul began his fight for the American people, and started publicly fighting for freedom in 1998. Ron Paul's army of freedom fighters began to amass during his second attempt to become president, and Paul has never made his decisions on anything the media says or does not say. The media may selectively blackout Ron Paul, but through the voices of independent journalists, the truth is being told. Digital Journalist Michael J Wagner reported the blackout news of the Paul campaign in 2008, and voiced his opinion on May 13, 2007.
It seems that the major media blackout of Ron Paul's campaign has been a boon for him. Many Americans are hearing about Ron Paul for the first time as the discussion of the media blackout spreads over the Internet
Ron Paul Revolution
Ron Paul Revolution
Another Ron Paul supporter believed in his Freedom Message of 2008 so much he spent $85,000 dollars to purchase a full page ad with a message that should be published in every major news and media site in the world. Larry Lepard, an avid Ron Paul supporter, created an ad that takes the form an open letter to the American People from the Founding Fathers, one of the greatest political ads of all time.
"I'm trying to get maximum bang for the buck," said Lepard, 50, a Republican who says his strong opposition to the Iraq war drove him to take out the ad. His firm, Equity Management Association, invests in emerging markets, he said, adding, "I'm good at spotting early trends." Ron Paul is a fighter, not a quitter, and has had to battle many obstacles created to bring him down, in order to make him give up. He has had to defend himself numerous times on subjects that news media has used to smear his reputation, and manipulate the public into believing something that is not true.
There was a smear tactic in 2007 against Dr. Paul accusing him of being a racist. Dr. Paul had to spend time, and energy away from the campaign defending these accusations. Once again independent journalists followed this story which proved to be false. Scott Horton host of Anti Radio arranged for an interview with Nelson Linder, who at the time was the head of the NAACP. Horton wanted the views of the NAACP about the accusations that had come out against Dr. Paul. All this has actually come to benefit Dr. Paul in his third bid for presidency. After the Iowa caucus, the race card was played once again, as mainstream news media dug deep into the archives to find a newsletter that suggested Dr. Paul was a racist. History of recorded events to disprove those allegations stopped that campaign dead in its tracks, which Dr. Paul stated in an interview with CNN on the subject.
It was the story of James, who in 1972, or 1973 experienced racial discrimination in a hospital in Texas that totally killed the the race card against Dr. Paul, and proves without a shadow of a doubt that Ron Paul is not a racist. Dr. Paul is well seasoned and up for the challenge of false news, lies, and voting fraud. Dr. Paul will not be allowing the same mistakes that happened in 2008, to repeat themselves. Learning from past experiences with the irregular voting practices of the parties, and lack of knowledge in how to play the game, things are different now, and lessons have been learned. In 2008, GOP party officials unfairly stacked its slate of preferred candidates, a vetting process defended by party chairman Ron Carey. Serving as a national convention delegate "is not an entry-level job," he said. "We looked at people who truly had quality, not just people who raised their hand at the last minute." according to Digital Journalist Susan Duclos.
The Paul camp is ready, game faces on and the rules of the game in their pockets. The peoples vote really doesn't matter, as it is the delegates in the end that make the final choice. Learning this lesson from the last go around, the Paul camp was fully armed for battle in 2012. Starting with Iowa, it was clear to see that the GOP elections were not going to be played by the rules, and the Paul camp hunkered down to plot on their next move to defend themselves against the voting fraud that has continued throughout the campaign reported on RT America last month. Transparency of the 2008 campaign came from independent journalists, showing the deliberate move by mainstream media, and the GOP to ignore, and do what is necessary to prevent public awareness of the truth and message of Ron Paul.
John Louie S. Ramos, a Digital Journalist based in the Philippines, gives the views from someone looking in from the outside expressed in an article titled "From an outsider's point of view — What's with Ron Paul?" John is one of many from around the world who have expressed support, for a man who wants to change the world for the better which has been reflected in a montage of tributes from around the world to a man that many believe is America's last hope. The Rachel Maddow Show, who has not been a supporter of the Ron Paul campaign reported on the Paul camps strategy to acquire delegates, playing the game of new rules for Romney against him.
The truth of of Ron Paul's delegate standing is being reported by Infowars, another alternative news source who is reporting up to date information on the GOP campaign and Ron Paul's progress, along with other news that should be important to report, but has been blacked out by mainstream. Ron Paul's next move, is to continue forward on his quest for the seat of Commander and Chief, and he has a good chance with his army of people who have continued to demand justice and truth. His message of freedom is resonating in the minds of the thousands who have gathered to support him, and love him. Ron Paul, the choice of the people, and the voice of peace.