New alcohol spray will get you drunk instantly, for a few seconds

Posted May 6, 2012 by Leigh Goessl
A scientist and a designer have teamed up to create a new spray that simulates drinking, including the feeling of being drunk.
Aerosol Spray Can
Aerosol Spray Can
According to several media sources, French American scientist David Edwards and designer Philippe Starck have recently joined forces to create a new alcohol spray available on the consumer market.
The alcohol spray, called "WA|HH Quantum Sensations", is designed to deliver .0075 ml of alcohol and provide a quick surge of drunkenness. The effects are said to be very brief, just a few seconds.
Huffington Post reported (via translated AFP) "The question is how to do good without doing harm,” Starck said earlier this week at the product's unveiling in Paris. “Wahh is an alternative that offers the idea of intoxication without its adverse effects."
Edwards and Starck have been developing a new niche market referred to as "aerosol cuisine," and the alcohol spray is their latest creation. The duo had previously created several other sprays designed to appeal to the senses, including the chocolate spray "Le Whif."
WA|HH Quantum Sensations is described as having a "full and instantaneous" effect of drunkenness, minus the hangover or sick feelings. Claims also state are users could pass a sobriety test after a few seconds, Gizmodo reported.
Researchers have indicated it would take about 1,000 sprays to equate to one typical 40 to 60 ml drink. Since the lipstick-tubed sized spray only contains about 20 'hits', WA|HH is one pricey buzz. reported the 21-shot aerosol costs about 20 euro (US$26).
"Everyone has an occasional need of light-headedness, distraction, and another place … But our societies and codes of amusement have led to the over-consumption of alcoholic beverages as a kind of social placebo. The consequences are too familiar," Starck says. "With David Edwards, we asked ourselves whether we might provide the same agreeable sensation as comes with a sip of alcohol without running the risk of drunkenness. And WA|HH was born. Accent life with a magic wand, that was our desire. A spray of WA|HH and the shock is immediate, like a sensorial alarm”.
USA Today reports, Robert Pandina, director of the Center of Alcohol Studies at Rutgers University in New Jersey, noted "Even that lightheadedness may be a sort of flavor-induced placebo effect," calling the concept "nonsense."
"It is patently, physiologically impossible" to get intoxicated without sufficient alcohol getting to your bloodstream -- something that would never happen with a bit a spray," USA Today reported Pandina said. "Even if you held a whole shot of 100-proof liquor in your mouth and waited for it to be absorbed, you'd wait for hours." Pandina also questioned the effects of getting immediate sobriety.
Are "magic wands" real? What about any negative consequences of a spray buzz? Is it even worth it?
Only one region in the globe will get to find out in the immediate future, as "WA|HH" is only currently available in European markets.
In other alcohol related News, Digital Journal recently reported on a trend originating in New Zealand, that involves drinking in trees.