Brock Lesnar angry after first pay-per-view match with WWE

Posted May 1, 2012 by Eric Morales
Reports say Brock Lesnar threw a temper tantrum backstage after WWE star John Cena went off script and, according to Lesnar, made the former UFC champion 'look weak.'
WWE wrestler Brock Lesnar
WWE wrestler Brock Lesnar
Lesnar was scheduled to lose his return match to John Cena at WWE's Extreme Rules pay-per-view in Chicago. But, the former UFC Heavyweight Champion was counting on his opponent John Cena being carried out on a stretcher, as was previously planned after their brutal match which saw the two cut open and bleeding. However Lesnar would be sorely disappointed and according to the Wrestling Observer flipped out backstage.
Lesnar is rumored to have a $5 million contract with World Wrestling Entertainment where he gained prominence in 2002 before leaving the company in 2004. After leaving the WWE Lesnar pursued an NFL career playing for the Minnesota Vikings in the preseason, before joining the UFC in 2008.
After retiring from the UFC Lesnar returned to the WWE and was booked into a feud with it's most polarizing wrestler, John Cena. According to the Observer Lesnar was told ahead of time that after his match with Cena in which he was to lose, that John Cena would be carried out on a stretcher out of the arena in Chicago. However after their match Cena grabbed a microphone and started addressing the crowd, in a move that made Lesnar feel as though he looked weak according to the Lesnar's camp.
Backstage the Observer reports Lesnar was throwing things and yelling at people, as well as alleging that during their match John Cena intentionally pulled the ring ropes down as the 286 pound Lesnar was charging him in a dangerous move which could have blown out his knee. The Observer further reported that WWE officials believed Lesnar was simply posturing, to show the locker room that he could quit at anytime.
While in the NFL Brock Lesnar was known for being overly aggressive and starting fights. Sacking Chiefs quarterback Damon Huard during practice in 2004 which angered some in the NFL according to ESPN.