Video: Unexpected date in Central Park, New York

Posted May 1, 2012 by Anne Sewell
A random couple gets an unexpected treat when relaxing in Central Park, New York. It becomes a date never to be forgotten.
A random couple gets a surprise in Central Park.
A random couple gets a surprise in Central Park.
Video screen capture
Improve Everywhere have been having fun with their latest project.
A couple is sitting relaxing in the park, enjoying the view of the pond, when all of a sudden a table and champagne are plonked down before them.
They seem a little surprised.
However, being good sports they get into the theme of things, sipping champagne and toasting each other. Dinner is served for their pleasure.
All of a sudden the table is whipped away and they are given tickets to the evening's concert. An usher comes along, checks their tickets and they relax as the wind quintet starts up.
Incidentally, while it all seems a little rushed, the couple did have time to relax and enjoy their food and champagne.
A thoroughly enjoyable time was had by the lucky couple.
Read more about it the project on Improv Everywhere's website.