One Direction doesn't plan on leaving the UK permanently

Posted May 1, 2012 by Owen Weldon
One Direction fans will be pleased to know that the band has no plans to move out of the UK, despite the success they have been having around the world.
One Direction  UK boy band
One Direction, UK boy band
Flickr/Creative Commons
One Direction has enjoyed a great deal of success overseas but the band has said they have no plans on moving permanently to America.
According to MTV, One Direction band member Liam Payne spoke in an interview recently. In the interview he said that the band will not up sticks and leave the country. Payne was talking about how the band was asked where they wanted to live and they responded by saying that there are many great places but you can't pick anywhere but home.
According to Irish Central, the UK boy band was offered the chance to move to the United States. Their hit single "What makes You Beautiful" is currently on the U.S. Billboards Charts at number eight.
The band also said that they do not want to move anywhere else because they don't want their UK fans to feel like they deserted them, according to SugarScape.
One Direction also added that the only reason why they are away right now is because they have to try to achieve their dreams a little bit.