Cow escapes pen, heads to McDonald's drive-thru

Posted Apr 26, 2012 by Yukio Strachan
All she wanted was a little attention. So Darcy, a prize dairy cow, decided to hoof it to where she would find it: the local McDonalds.
Darcy the cow at the local McDonald s drive-thru.
Darcy the cow at the local McDonald's drive-thru.
"We got a call from dispatch asking if my son had a dairy cow. I said, 'Yeah, he has a dairy cow,' and she said it's up at McDonalds," Sandy Winn, Darcy's owner, told local television station WFMZ.
The Winn family said it had a pig escape once –– but it only made it a block.
So what would make a cow break out of her pen Friday and hoof it a half mile to the Mickey D's drive-thru?
Tired of her alfalfa and grass diet? Change of scenery?
Winn and her son Zach explained to WFMZ news that though Darcy is normally a sweet cow, when she’s craving attention, she will find a way to get it – including escaping from her pen.
Somehow, Darcy was able to break out of her gate and hoof it a half-mile to the local McDonald's.
She walked through the drive-thru and "butted her head up against the window," the station said.
Residents in the Eastern Plains town of Brush, Colo., have gotten a good laugh making jokes about her trip.
"Not making any orders. Maybe visiting relatives, but not making orders," Sandy Winn laughed.
"I think it was for some fries and a strawberry milkshake," added Zach.
The town’s police clerk, Vivian Llewellyn, joked Tuesday that Darcy “didn’t get her burger,” the Associated Press said.
But there was one little boy who didn't find it so funny, Winn's 4-year-old son, Lucas.
When police called their house to report Darcy's whereabouts, Lucas got worried.
"I thought she was going to be in jail," he said.
Lucas didn't have to worry about jail time or even a ticket, for Darcy. Winn was not even ticketed in the incident, KUSA-TV reports, since Brush doesn't have any "cow-at-large" laws.
But what Darcy did get, was what she craved for from the beginning: attention. Not only from the town of 5000 in Brush, who snapped pictures of Darcy before the Winn's got her home, but she has become the center of media attention around the world, including Canada and theUK.