NJ cop accused of sex crime against 12-year-old girl

Posted Apr 26, 2012 by Eric Morales
A Police Officer is accused of attempting to have a sexual encounter while on duty, after meeting a 12 year old girl during a call to her house in Passaic County.
Officer Steven Vigorito Jr.
Officer Steven Vigorito Jr.
Passaic County Prosecutor’s Office
Officer Steven Vigorito Jr. has been charged with attempted aggravated assault, luring and enticing a child, attempted child endangering, attempted sex assault and official misconduct. The police officer with the Woodland Park Police allegedly took a picture of himself, in uniform, exposing himself and sent it to what he thought was the cellphone of a 12 year old girl according to WPIX's Andrew Ramos.
According to investigators with the Passaic County Prosecutors Office, the officer responded to a domestic disturbance call Monday at which time he gave the young girl his personal cellphone number. The 12 year old immediately alerted her mother, who contacted the police department.
In the proceeding days investigators posed as the 12 year old girl and reached out to Vigorito according to WPIX. The 39 year old police officer then allegedly sent explicit text messages, to who he thought was the 12 year old girl, including the picture of himself exposing his genitals. This picture, along with others was allegedly taken at the Woodland Park Police Department's headquarters according to WPIX.
Tuesday, once Vigorito set up a location to meet the girl for sex he was arrested. At the time of his arrest he was on duty. Yesterday he was arraigned and remains in custody in lieu of $250,000 bond. Prosecutor Carmelia Valdes said during a press conference, "The person called to assist the family, ended up preying on the family." Vigorito's department has suspended him without pay.
WPIX went to Vigorito's home, initially two women outside refused to talk, but later returned outside. A woman who wouldn't identify herself, and holding a young child said that Vigorito was innocent. "He's not that kind of guy, he's a good guy, he's a clean guy," the woman said. Andrew Ramos noted the front lawn of Officer Steven Vigorito was strewn with children's toys and games. The Associated Press reported that Vigorito is married and a father of two.
He is presumed innocent until proven guilty.